Available Puppies

Available Puppies

All of our puppies leave here spoiled and healthy. We have a vaccination regime that we adhere to so our puppies have a powerful start in life after leaving us.

Vaccinations Date

  • Neopar (Parvo) 5 weeks old
  • NeoVac (Parvo & Distemper) 6 weeks old
  • Bordetella (Kennel Cough) 7 weeks old
  • Neopar (Parvo) 8 weeks old
  • NeoVac (Parvo & Distemper) 10 weeks old
  • DA2PPv (5-way) 12 weeks old
  • Rabies 20 weeks old
  • Annual DA2PPv (5-way) Yearly
  • Annual Rabies Yearly


  • Strongid T 4 weeks old
  • Panacur 6 weeks old 3 days in a row
  • Strongid T 8 weeks old

Adopting a Puppy

Please contact us for prices and we can walk you thru the process of adopting a puppy.

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